• TurboNews 2/2011 (pdf, 3005 kb)
    Eco mobile: Renault presents new diesel engine with BorgWarner VTG technology
    Pulling power: Mercedes Actros sets new milestone
    Made for China
    Workhorse: Deutz produces low emissions off highway turbodiesel
  • TurboNews 1/2010 (pdf, 1293 kb)
    Exploring new paths
    BorgWarner supplies VTG turbochargers for Nissan Pathfinder and Navarra
    R2S technology makes VW's turbodiesel a true all
    Ford's new EcoBoost engines
    R2S and VTG combined for the first time in a passenger c
  • TurboNews 01/2009 (pdf, 2207 kb)
    Ford presents Focus RS with BorgWarner turbo technology
    BorgWarner supplies VTG turbochargers to John Deere
    Opel and Volkswagen with turbocharged natural gas engines
    The “ring°werk” at the Nürburgring shows turbos from BorgWarner
  • TurboNews 01/2008 (pdf, 1331 kb)
    Fiat Cinquecento with BorgWarner turbocharger
    Audi peps up the TT with two powerful new engines
    BorgWarner once again receives Pace Award
  • TurboNews 02/2006 (pdf, 1080 kb)
    Premiere for Porsche
    First Gasoline VTG Application
    World Engine
    Audi's 1.8 TFSI
    Luxury Linder with a Lion's Heart
    New Lion V8 Diesel with BV Technology
    Hyundai's First V6 Diesel with BorgWarner VTG
  • TurboNews 01/2006 (pdf, 1746 kb)
    Power for Pontiac
    Regulated 2
    stage turbocharging for Mercedes Sprinter
    VTG turbochargers for John Deere
    The process turbo
  • TurboNews 2/2004 (pdf, 592 kb)
    New Land Rover Discovery with BV turbocharger
    BMW presents the first pass car diesel engine with R2S
    Global teamwork for International
  • TurboNews 01/2004 (pdf, 874 kb)
    Powerhouse: New Bentley Continental GT
    Record breaker: Opel EcoSpeedster
    Development in record time: New BV VTG product range
  • TurboNews 02/2002 (pdf, 469 kb)
    First EPA
    certified engine from Mack Trucks
    Interview: Ingrid Mangold, Vice President Human Resources
    Power station: New MTU marine engines
    Charging twice for greater efficiency: eBooster™
  • TurboNews 01/2002 (pdf, 1552 kb)
    Interview: Wolfgang Schneider, Director of Quality Management
    U.S. Open: North American Technical Center Opened in Asheville
    World Premiere of the Most Powerful MAN Marine Engine with R2S™
  • TurboNews 03/2001 (pdf, 2302 kb)
    Peugeot and Ford present a new 1.4 l diesel engine
    Interview with Ulli Froehn, Vice President Marketing & Product Development
    Hitachi and BorgWarner Turbo Systems launch a joint venture
  • TurboNews 02/2001 (pdf, 798 kb)
    New 12.8 l engine from MAN
    Alfred Weber, Vice President Pass Car Turbochargers, on the market strategies
    BWTS is building a new tech center in Asheville
    New Renault 1.5 l dCi engine with BWTS turbocharger
  • TurboNews 01/2001 (pdf, 643 kb)
    New Opel Coupe with BWTS turbocharger
    Caterpillar presents new engine
    Interview with James Verrier on the North American market
  • TurboNews 02/2000 (pdf, 1032 kb)
    Porsche Turbo
    in the fast lane for 25 years
    Audi RS4 accelerates with BWTS turbochargers
    tech engine from RVI
    BWTS pass car development manager Hans
    Peter Schmalzl on the latest technologies
  • TurboNews 01/1999 (pdf, 1363 kb)
    New 2.0 l HDI engine from Peugeot
    BorgWarner integrates 3K and Schwitzer
    New office building nears completion
    DAF, with BWTS turbochargers, wins Truck Grand